Sunday, January 31, 2016

Half-time seminar on micro- and macroevolution by PhD-student John Waller (February 2, 13.00)

John Waller

Posted by Erik Svensson 

As you already hopefully know, we will have our regular EXEB meeting in the morning of February 2 on the topic "Can the evoutionary process learn?", and it is Tobias Uller who organizes this interesting seminar. 

Later the same day, in the afternoon, there is another interesting EXEB-event: one of the PhD-students in the EXEB environment (John Waller), will have his half-time seminar with the following title:

"Connecting microevolutionary processes and macroevolutionary patterns in damselflies and dragonflies"

Locale: "Red Room", Ecology Building
Date and time: Tuesday, February 2, 13.00 

As many intern students, field and lab assistants have helped John to collect data for his PhD-work, we wish all those and others within and outside the EXEB-environment most welcome to this interesting seminar. Dr. Lars Råberg (Functional Zoology Unit), will be the opponent on John's half-time seminar and report. 

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