Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lab-meeting by Weizhao Yang on Genetic signature of high-altitude adaptation for toads: October 20 (10.00)


According to Erik's suggestion, next week on the EXEB-meeting on Tuesday October 20th (10.00 as usual), I will take the opportunity to introduce part of my PhD thesis, genetic signature of high-altitude adaptation for toads.

Asiatic toad  is one of the few amphibians living on the Tibetan Plateau. It has been a true Plateau dweller for approximate 2.5 millions of years and is well-adapted to the environments. In addition, it occupies a large elevational gradient from zero to 4,300m above sea level, which provides excellent opportunities to compare individuals or populations from various altitudes. I implemented a series of experiments to explore the evolutionary genetic signature of altitude adaptation in Asiatic toad, and hope the results could provide useful direction to understand how poikilotherms adapt to high-altitude.

"Fika" will be provided and time and place as usual: "Argumentet" at 10.00.

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