Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Visitors and talks this week

Hi All,

We have  a number of visitors and talks to keep in mind this week, so here is a list.


Wednesday Sep 16, 15.00 (Blå hallen)

Expanding Evolutionary Theory with Learning Theory: Implications for the Evolution of Development and Evolvability

Dr Richard Watson
University of Southampton

Friday Sep 18, 15.00 (Röda Rummet)

Evolution of haplodiploid reproduction in arthropods

Dr Laura Ross
University of Edinburgh

In addition to Richard and Laura, we are also visited by Alfredo Rago (University of Birmingham), who works on the developmental biology of sex determination in Nasonia and Daphnia, and Jarrod Hadfield (University of Edinburgh), who works on evolutionary quantitative genetics and comparative biology. Please let Tobias or Hanna know if you want to meet with any of them - we will also head to the pub on Wed (and probably Thurs too) and you are more than welcome to join.

Hope to see you all at the talks!

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