Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Maternal effects and epigenetics in humans

Elmar Tobi from Leiden University Medical Centre is visiting this week. He will give us an informal overview of his research showing how exposure to poor nutrition during early development affects the epigenome, using the famous longitudinal study of the Dutch hunger winter cohort. In other words, maternal effects, epigenetics, and how they affect health and disease.

The title is: Epigenetic consequences of the Dutch famine

If you want to check out Elmar's papers you can find a list here.

The talk starts at 15.15 on Thursday in Argumentet and will be followed by a trip to the pub later in the afternoon/early evening. There are more good reasons to join because you can also meet Antonio Cordero who just arrived to do a postdoc in Tobias' group. More about him later on this blog.

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