Friday, April 24, 2015

Labmeeting: Talk by Rosa Sanchez on Robertsonian fusion systems in mice on April 28

 Posted by Erik Svensson on behalf of Rosa Sanchez

Next week's lab-meeting will consist of a talk of Spanish postdoc Rosa Sanchez, who is more known for her work on damselflies, but who has also worked on mice during her last postdoc. Time and place as usual:

Time: Tuesday, April 28, 10.30

Place: "Argumentet", 2nd floor, Ecology Building

Any fika-volunteer?

Below is information from Rosa about the content of her talk:

The Spanish Robertsonian fusion system on the House mouse Mus musculus domesticus
This lab meeting I am going to talk about my work on the house mouse Mus musculus domesticus about the mechanism(s) responsible for the formation and maintenance of Robertsonian (Rb) s in natural populations.
The house mouse Mus musculus domesticus is arguably the best-studied and understood model of variation of Rb fusions in nature. I have studied Spanish Rb system, which occurs in a 5,000 km2 area of Barcelona province and is characterized by a high level of chromosomal polymorphisms [i.e., seven different Rb chromosomes including Rb (3.8), (4.14), (5.15), (6.10), (7.17), (9.11) and (12.13) showing non-geographically coincident clines, and low recombination rates. 

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