Monday, January 5, 2015

Tobias is looking for three new postdocs and one lab manager to join the team!

I am currently recruiting people to join my group. To see what projects we currently work on, please visit my homepage.

There are now three postdoctoral positions available (described here and here) and one position as lab manager (will be advertised here shortly, please contact me if you want information).

Postdoc on sexual selection and introgression

The first position is a 2+1 year postdoc to study sexual selection and genomic introgression in wall lizards (funded by the Swedish Research Council). Over the past years we have done a lot of ground work to establish the causes of, and hence predictions for, the extent and direction of hybridization between divergent wall lizard lineages. The next step is to test these predictions in different hybrid contexts; in native hybrid zones and in several regions of secondary contact resulting from human translocations of the species within Europe.

Wall lizards (Podarcis muralis) from western Europe (left photos) are hybridizing with wallies from Italy (right photos). 

We are now looking for a highly motivated postdoc with experience of analysis of highthroughput sequencing data and with an interest in applying these tools to fundamental questions in evolutionary ecology. You could, for example, have done a PhD and/or postdoc in molecular ecology, evolutionary genomics, or phylogeography. With the freezer full of samples it is all ready to go, but there will be plenty of opportunities for field work as well (Italy, France, Germany, England...).

Field locations in Italy. Yes, most of our sites are like this.

Two Postdocs in Eco-Evo-Devo

I am also advertising two 2-year postdoc scholarships. These are intended to enable early career researchers to develop interesting, cutting-edge, research projects together with us. The positions therefore provide a lot of academic freedom - together we design a project that we feel is really exciting and that breaks new ground. Maybe something that truly advances our understanding of the role of development in evolution or that fit nicely within eco-evo-devo? Lizards, Daphnia, or maybe bring your own system? The funding for these scholarships and the research comes from my Wallenberg Academy Award.

Please apply if you are interested in our work, have the necessary skills and background, and if you you want to join a highly creative environment where we strive for both conceptual and empirical advances. For informal contact or questions, please send me an email. 

We like to work on lizards (currently Wallies, Egernia, Anolis) and Daphnia but are happy to discuss alternative systems as well. (Photo credits to Ben Halliwell and Stew Plaistow)

Lab Manager/Research Assistant

Finally, I am looking for a highly skilled and motivated lab manager/research assistant who want to be involved in the day-to-day running of the research group. This is a creative, flexible, and varied job as an important member of the research team, but without the expectation to independently secure funding and design and execute research projects. Tasks may involve assistance during data collection in the field, animal or molecular laboratory, support for data extraction, handling and statistical analyses, and coordination and management of the group's daily routines, including animal husbandry and administrative support.

If you have an MSc or PhD in a relevant area of biology and want a highly varied and creative job with plenty of responsibility this may be the perfect position for you. Our research involves field work, captive animals, and molecular analyses. What proportion of time you will spend on these depends on your background and interest, but we hope that you want to get involved in our research in many ways and take opportunities to learn new skills. The details of the position will appear here soon, but if you want to know more straight away please contact me.

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