Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lab-meeting on learning, sexual selection and speciation: Invited talk by Tucker Gilman

Posted by Erik Svensson

On Tuesday next week (November 19 2014), we have an invited  speaker and collaborator of mine from University of Manchester: Dr. Tucker Gilman. Tucker is a theoretical evolutionary biologist who has recently become especially interested in the role of learned mate preferences in sexual selection and speciation (hence our collaboration). You can read more about his research and publications here.

Tucker will visit Lund next week for several days, and in case you would like to meet up with him and discuss science, send me an e-mail ( We can also perhaps arrange for a pub evening at "Inferno" if somebody is interested in this?

The lab-meeting will begin as usual at 10.30 with some informal chat and "fika" (any fika-volunteer?). Then, at 11.00 Tucker will give his talk, and if you know anybody outside the EXEB-environment who would be interested in attending, please invite them (and I will also send out an announcement). The title of Tuckers talk is:

"Learning to speciate: the role of peak shift in adaptive radiation."

Everybody should be most welcome to this exciting talk and lab-meeting!

P.S. I got the excellent news that Dr. Tom Gosden, a former PhD-student of mine, will return to Lund and the EXEB-lab in January 2014. Looking forward to it! D. S.

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