Sunday, May 26, 2013

On crypsis in South African leafhoppers on May 29 (2013)

Posted by Erik Svensson

Apart from our regular lab-meeting now on Tuesday (May 28), I would also like to announce a thesis-defence (BcSci; 30 points) by one of our students: Johanna Eklund. Her presentation will take place on Wednesday May 29 at 15.00 in "Argumentet". 

Opponent will be Associate Professor Marie Dacke from "The Vision group". The title of Johannas project is:

"Crypsis through the eyes of a predator"

Johanna has been studying camouflage in leafhoppers (Homoptera) in South Africa at Stellenbosch University, as part of my research exchange grant funded by SIDA/VR. This should be very interesting, whether you are interested in predator-mediated selection, colour evolution and ecology, visual ecology or all of these fascinating topics.

Everybody should be most welcome!

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