Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lack of Support for the Association between Facial Shape and Agression: no more violence, no more reproductive success

Posted by Jessica Abbott on behalf of Anais Rivas Torres

The Dr. Spurzheim phrenology chart

For the next lab meeting, we will discuss the following paper:

The study provides new scientific evidence to reject the hypothesis that facial features are associated with antisocial and criminal behaviour, an idea that had much influence in the mid-nineteenth century and has recently returned in force. To conduct the research, the authors used a sample of 4960 individuals from 94 populations around the world.  This has allowed them to have an overview of facial shape and be able to make a much more accurate analysis, taking into consideration the variation in different forms.

As the basis of the study protocol, the authors have studied the index fWHR - that is, the relationship between facial width and facial height - as a possible predictor of aggressive behavior in populations of men.

The meeting will be at the usual place and time.  Jessica will bring fika.

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