Friday, March 15, 2013

Yuma's new life in Japan

Posted by Jessica Abbott

Yuma, Natsu, Jessica, and Jostein in the lab
Yuma Takahashi, Erik's former postdoc, recently sent some of us an email about his return to Japan.  Since I thought there might be other people who would like to know how things are going for him, I asked him if I could post his message here, which he kindly agreed to.  From Yuma:


I have successfully started new life in Sendai, Japan in which my home university is.
I had a lovely and wonderful time with you in Lund!
Everything is fine there. People, university, lab, city, architecture, weather, (winter), summer and so on...
I wanted to stay there as long as possible.

Just now, I am enjoying tea, Lunda blandning, with Höganäs tea cup! I can easily imagine the view of Lund, ekologihuset and you all.

Good News!
I got a new job, an assistant professor in Tohoku University, to which I applied with Erik's letter.
I can continue research life 5 more years (min: 1 year, MAX: 5 years)! It will start from this April.

I am planning to visit to Lund during a field season in 2014 or 2015. I am happy if I can join you again!

When you visit to Japan, please contact me!
I and Natsu can guide you. Remember that Japan is longer country than you (especially Erik) expected. South to North distance of Japan is same as that of US!

See you in Portugal.



I'm sure we're all happy to hear that things are going well for Yuma, and congratulations from EXEB on his new job!

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