Monday, October 29, 2012

Policy regarding blog posts about lab-meetings

Posted by Erik Svensson

I have been approached by several different students and colleagues who wish to obtain e-mail updates about blog posts and lab-meetings. This is of course very nice, and our regular policy should be to welcome any new readers and have an open mind to those who might wish to attend our lab-meetings. Still, however, I think we should strive to have a "core" group that always comes (or nearly always), i. e. students and postdocs associated with Jessica, me and Anders.

E-mail updates can be provided to a maximum of 10 persons ("Blogger" does not accept more e-mail adresses). That means that we can have only 10 people at a time - if somebody new comes in - some other has to go out. I have solved this problem of limited number of e-mail adresses by removing names for those colleagues (former PhD-students) who are now abroad, working in other labs, i. e. Tom Gosden, Fabrice Eroukhmanoff and Tina Karlsson. The logic is that those who are abroad cannot (for obvious reasons) participate in our regular lab-meetings, for simple logistical reasons.

Still, we might not be able to provide e-mail alerts to all interested in participating in our lab-meetings, there are at least two other ways to get information and be able to download papers: 1/Bookmark the blog (, and check it weekly or daily or 2/join our Facebook group ("Experimental Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour"). Both these options work, and after all, e-mail is only one way of communicating and obtaining information, and not necessarily the best one.  

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  1. One alternative is to follow the blog using an RSS feed. For example, I can follow EXEB using my email client, Thunderbird. To do this, add the following URL to the "Blogs and News Feeds" section: Anyone who has previously followed the blog using an RSS feed may not have continued to get updates after the blog changed address. This is because no one updated the feed address. I've now done fixed this oversight.