Thursday, August 23, 2012

New blog adress: ""

Posted by Erik Svensson

The blog has been quite quiet the lasts weeks, mainly due to the ISBE-meetings and the summer break. It will soon start to get active again, as we are returning to work.

To all of our outside readers: 

We will soon change the blog adress from the current "" to "". This change will take place as this blog has evolved from a personal research blog started by me (Erik Svensson) to a group blog for EXEB, with the aim to be used by all of us. The changed adress will be implemented sometime next week, after our first lab-meeting for the semester. Please bookmark this new adress for the future, so that we do not loose you outside readers from all over the world!

We would also like to thank all you visitors who have visited this blog over the past years, and as we have an increasing number of readers from all over the world, we are of course curious of which you are, where you come from and your thoughts about this blog. If you have any comments, suggestions or issues that you want to bring up how we can improve this blog and make it even more interesting for outsiders, please write your comments below, and tell us about yourself. All input, including both negative and positive criticisms would be most welcome. 

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  1. Former Exclusive Brethren Members?????