Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lab-member in the news: Nordén sister duo shows the power of biology studies in Lund

Our Master's student Anna Nordén, who is working with assortative mating in Calopteryx, made it in to the media this week, in the daily newspaper "City". Above, you can see Anna's happy face (well, Anna is actually ALWAYS happy!) when asked about her summer plans. I especially liked that she emphasized that we only work when it is nice outside and that one actually can get PAID to do this kind of stuff (or even get student loans from CSN). But best of all is of course the summary blob in the right corner that says it all: "Ska fånga trollsländor". Cheers to you Anna: you are an excellent ambassador for our research lab!

Remarkably: Anna's sister Elsa Nordén (also a biology student) is also on the front cover of the same issue of City, these Nordén sisters are really media celebrities.


  1. I'm flattered Erik! I do think that I have a really nice summer job:)

  2. I am the one who should be flattered (and the colleagues in our lab), that we have such a famous student :)