Monday, February 13, 2012

On "Evolutionary rescue", climate change and evolution of range limits

This week the lab-meeting will focus on  "Evolutionary rescue", which was a topic of a recent scientific conference involving several leading evolutionary biologists and ecologists in France, including leading population geneticist Mark Kirkpatrick who gave a talk entitled: "The evolution of a species’ range by beneficial mutations"

The organisers of this interesting conference has been kind enough to put up videos on the internet of Mark's talk, which you can find here, as well as two other interesting talks by contributors. This is an excellent way of making it possible for others, like us, who could not take part in this meeting, and also a very environmentally-friendly way of spreading scientific information without necessarily travelling to every meeting you wish to attend.

I suggest that we meet the usual time (13.30 on Wednesday April 15 in "Argumentet") to listen to Mark's talk, and (if we have time), to one or two of the other talks. Thus, there is no need to read any paper before this lab-meeting, just come sharp and alert and be willing to discuss! Hopefully, we can arrange with Machteld's computer to be linked to the Powerpoint-projector so we can see the talk on a large screen. 


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