Friday, February 25, 2011

Lab-meeting on the history of the Adaptive Landscape

For next week's lab-meeting, we'll become more philosophical and historical, and discuss a book chapter about the history of the Adaptive Landscape metaphor in evolutionary biology. This chapter will be one of approximately 20 chapters in a forthcoming volume at Oxford University Press that I am currently editing together with my colleague Ryan Calsbeek (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA).

This volume is intended to become published in 2012, which marks the 80-year celebration of population geneticist Sewall Wright's famous paper in 1932 where the concept of the Adaptive Landscape was first explicitly presented. Both Ryan and I are looking forward to input on this chapter, and in case you have not received a copy prior to our lab-meeting and wish to participate, send me an e-mail ( Time and location for lab-meeting as usual: "Darwin" at 13.30-15.00 on March 2, 2011. Fika volunteers are most welcome!


  1. hmhm, what about mine and Maja's manuscripts? postponed?

  2. Postponed. And you need to participate in lab-meetings more regularly, also when other papers are discussed, if you wish to get input om your own manuscripts. It is a mutual matter of giving and taking ("tit-for-tat").