Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lab-meeting on Tuesday 9 March at 13.00 on sexual dimorphism and sex-specific selection

Lab-meeting this coming week will be on Tuesday afternoon (13.00-15.00), not on our usual time on Wednesday mornings. We will discuss a recent paper in Evolution by our Dartmouth colleagues Robert Cox and Ryan Calsbeek on sexual size dimorphism and sex-specific selection in Anolis-lizards:

This paper should be of interest because of its links to sexual conflict, and incidentally, Bob and Ryan also has a Science-paper that will soon come out on how females manipulate offspring sex depending on the sire's body size in an adaptive fashion, i. e. a resolution of intralocus sexual conflict that you can read more about in this previous blogpost on one of my recent papers on another lizard species (Uta stansburiana).

When to meet? Tuesday March 9, 13.00
Where: "Darwin" room, 2nd floor, Ecology Building

Any fika-volunteer?

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  1. I'll bring some cake :-)