Monday, June 15, 2009

Annual Barbecue in Dalby 30 June

It is time for our annual lab-barbecue in Dalby, at Erik's & Pia's place (Lyftvägen 10). Above, you see some pictures from last summer and how fun it can be. This annual barbecue now goes in to its tenth season, as I started it in the summer of 2000, my first real field season with damselflies.

Please bring something to put on the grill, as well as something to drink. We will serve some sallads and desert. Also, if you feel for it, you might of course bring some entertainment, such as music instruments etc. We hope for good weather and an evening as fun as last year.

Since our research laboratory is a modern one, you can sign up for this event through Facebook, or by more old-fashioned means such as calling me or by sending me an e-mail. You can also leave a comment after this bloggpost that . This event is open for everyone who has worked with Erik or his associates this year, whether it was lizards, isopods or damselflies. Please inform anybody who I might have missed.

When: Tuesday June 30, 18.00
Where: Lyftvägen 10, DALBY


  1. Hej, sounds great, I'll be there!!

  2. At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo scientist cartoons!